Bobby's B-100 is Bobby Rich's B-100FM!

An Internet radio station built for FUN.

Playing the Top Hits and the mid-chart stiffs from
before, during, and after "your time."

Keep listening, there's more to come.

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Thanks for turning me on. Bobby’s B-100 is an Internet radio station built for FUN.

All The Hits That Fits” means the Internet B-100 plays the top hits and the mid-chart stiffs from before, during, and after "your time." B-100 is ”Demographically Pleasing,” we are ”NOT for JUST 25 to 54 anymore.”

The Original B-100 was “K-fm…B-fm. San Diego’s FM at 100.7”

For over 20 years (from the 1970’s to 1990’s when it re-branded itself), listening to B-100 meant you would experience a high-energy mix of popular music, innovative promotions, fun contests--and the talented personalities that tied it all together.

Many people and conditions contributed to B-100’s success (which includes becoming the first contemporary FM station in the USA to achieve Number One status >12+, Arbitron, Fall 1977< and pioneering the “Hot Adult Contemporary” format in 1984).

The B-100 Personalities:
Now heard on Bobby's B-100
Bobby Rich Ellen Thomas (Ellen K)
Willie B Goode John Fox
Gary Kelley “Shotgun Tom” Kelly
Gene Knight Frank Anthony
Danny Wilde Gary Hamilton
J.R. "Jimmy" Rogers Kathy Aunan
Rob Landree Cherie
“Just Kevin” (Anderson)
appearances by Bobby Rich as “Dr. Boogie” and Ken Levine as "Beaver Cleaver"
Awaiting audio Whereabouts Unknown Deceased
Glen McCartney Jimi Fox Dave Conley
Danny Romero Terri Lynn Phil Flowers
Pat Gaffey Christopher Lance Scott Kenyon
Mike Novak Uncle Fred (Stemen)
John "Spanky" Kessler
Billy Martin
“The Rocketman” (Scott Wright)

John Fox, one of the B-100 dj’s, described this talent roster as “creative people, some who went on to be major market program directors and general managers. At least three moved to long-term drive time shows in Los Angeles. One got out of radio to become head of surgery at a major Los Angeles hospital. Another has been an Emmy winning writer, director and creator of network television sitcoms.”

Now, “B-100 Boogies On” through your computer speakers with music that spans all generations and voices of those radio stars that played such a big part in the radio magic.

Thanks for listening. Then and now.

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